We are getting so excited about the Dino Hutchings Worship Center and Children’s Center. We are officially under construction!  This is something we’ve been working toward for many years!
Please do whatever you can financially to get us in the building.  Thanks for your support!
God has given us a vision to build a new worship center, which we are calling the Dino Hutchings Worship Center.  Our church will remain Evangel Temple Assembly of God, but the worship center will be named in honor of our late Minister of Music, Dino Hutchings.
         Dino Hutchings 1958-2016

It is being built on the property at Dodson and Towson Avenues, directly across from our current location.

We have spent over $1,000,000 to purchase property and invest in architectural and building plans.
Find the most updated information on our Worship and Children’s Center on our facebook page.
Shannon Reith Architect
These are the final plans from Architect Shannon Reith on our                                 new Dino Hutchings Worship Center and Children’s Center. 

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